My name is Malachi Cull and I am the owner of Allure Cinema. I have a deep fascination and love for films. A fascination that very often brings me back to my childhood, watching movies with my parents. Laughing when they laughed, or wondering why my eyes were covered. When I’m not shooting or editing, I’m now developing my newly acquired “dad skills.” Though, when I find the time… I’m studying the craft of film. Its a life long learning experience.

My life is dedicated to the craft of film making and all aspects of it, and with a sharp vision, I create memorable films that never fail to deliver style and passion. Your wedding will be captured with an understanding, that this day, is one of the most important in your life. I want to give you something you’ll watch over and over. Something that you’ll share with friends, and hopefully beg the question, “Who shot this?” There is beauty in a wedding day, and challenge in capturing it the right way. Hire the right team and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Malachi’s cinematography was amazing, and he was very accommodating to our requests. Our video was perfect! I would recommend Allure Cinema to anyone.
— Jenny